2008 News Archive - Holidays - Two-thirds of Brits abroad 'go on holiday'

24 01 2008

Some two-thirds of Britons who travelled abroad in 2006 did so for leisure purposes, according to new statistics.

Government national statistics from an International Passenger Survey which collected information on travel to and from the UK - Travel Trends - revealed that compared to visits to the UK more people left Britain to enjoy holidays abroad.

The study also showed that the average duration of stay was ten nights with 49 per cent of holidaymakers spending between four and 13 nights abroad.

According to the study, the most popular holiday destinations in 2006 were Spain and France, followed by Italy, USA, Greece, Irish Republic, Portugal, Turkey, Netherlands and Cyprus.

Package holidays were also revealed to be popular, with 40 per cent of travellers heading to Europe on such deals.

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