2008 News Archive - Holidays - UK tourists 'boost US visitor numbers'

24 12 2007

The number of visitors heading to US destinations such as Florida and Virginia rose 11 per cent in September compared with the same period from a year ago, according to official statistics.

Travel Daily News reports US department of commerce statistics that show the rise in the number of tourists heading to the North American country from across the globe.

With the temptation of a weak dollar encouraging UK residents to utilise the power of the pound, such visitors accounted for the largest majority of western European visitors to the US, according to the statistics.

Some 41 per cent of those choosing holidays to the US from this area of the European continent were from the UK in September 2007.

According to figures released by the Association of British Travel Agents last week, 3.5 million people are heading overseas on package holidays and through other yuletide travel arrangements over the Christmas period.

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