2008 News Archive - Holidays - UrbanFestival in Croatia

17 03 2008

UrbanFestival is an international and multimedia festival of modern art in public inner city spaces and it is taking place in Croatia this May.

Its core objective are to bring more art to city life and to "intensify" the interaction between the city and its inhabitants.

Those taking holidays in Croatia this spring can enjoy the UrbanFestival, which this year will be to the theme of How We Regret.

First conceptualised in 2001, UrbanFestival is concerned with the public, which is why the art is in public spaces.

"By deliberately stepping outside the ivory towers of art galleries and theatres, we have been attempting to widen the scope of our activity and bring to life the public space as a place of coexistence and juxtaposition of divergent points of view," organisers reveal.

The festival is taking place in Zagreb's eastern and formerly industrialised zone.

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