2008 News Archive - Holidays - US popular for holidays 'without good exchange rates'

30 01 2008

The US has recently hit the headlines as a top holiday spot for Britons as a result of the weakness of its national currency the dollar.

However, it has been asserted that the country is a preferable holiday destination "even without" the beneficial exchange rate.

According to Adrian Jacob, trading director for Currency UK, commented that the US is a much cheaper place to visit than the UK "anyway".

"When the currency hits the news and people know that the dollar is going to go to two dollars to the pound, then people think it's a great trip," the trading director continued.

However, he added that the difference was mainly a psychological one.

Mr Jacob observed that the exchange rate has remained at 1.90 for the past 12 months and that the move of ten per cent "is not actually a massive difference".

The Association for British Travel Agents recently reported that early 2008 bookings for the US "look very good".

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