2008 News Archive - Holidays - US preferred by Brits and Irish

28 07 2008

The US has been voted a "top destination" by British and Irish holidaymakers, according to a new worldwide survey.

Lonely Planet's annual Travellers' Pulse poll has named the US as the most popular choice for those planning to take a holiday overseas for the first time - pushing Australia in to second place.

The US has a lot to offer travellers with major resorts such as Florida proving to be a key attraction for those looking for enjoyable and affordable holidays, especially as the dollar remains weak.

"The question of where people are travelling to next is always an interesting one," explained Adam Stanford, Lonely Planet marketing analyst.

He added: "The US is obviously becoming increasingly popular due to the exchange rate of the dollar, making what was once an expensive country to travel in a lot more accessible."

The survey also reinforces the findings of the Co-operative Bank that people are continuing to spend on taking holidays overseas despite concerns about the cost of living rising at home.

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