2008 News Archive - Holidays - Valentine's Day brings out the 'frisky' side of UK tourists

27 01 2009

UK couples, whether on their honeymoon or simply taking a Valentine's Day break, welcome the idea of getting frisky in a risky place on their way to their destination, according to research released today.

According to a poll conducted by Cheapflights.co.uk, 51 per cent of UK tourists said they are hoping to join the mile high club whilst flying away for their Valentine's Day break, while a further 21 per cent said they would consider it.

Nadine Hallak, a travel expert at the flight search website, said: "We wondered whether this age old club held appeal for our viewers.

"It turns out the country is clambering over each other to join the mile high club as a start to their Valentine's getaway."

While finding love in the air may be the perfect way to start a holiday or a honeymoon for some, many tourists may want to wait until they reach their perfect romantic destination.

Recently, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay revealed that the Maldives have a romantic atmosphere which is perfect for holidays with his wife.

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