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22 11 2007

Those who love a good carnival in the Caribbean won't just be able to find one in the English-speaking countries, for La Vega in the Dominican Republic hosts a grand show which should warm the heart of anyone escaping the cold British winter.

A spectacular [rep] featuring devil-horned costumes, a riot of colour, music and crowds of merrymakers, the event runs from late January right through February, Whatsonwhen notes.

This event repeats itself every Sunday in February and has expanded from its Lenten origins to incorporate Dominican independence day on February 27th, states dominicana.com.

Visitors can mix the fun of the carnival with an enjoyment of the beauty of the island, which has fine scenery, mountains, lush greenery and superb coastline.

When not lazing on the beach, people can partake in watersports and fishing in the azure waters surrounding this gem in the Caribbean.

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