2008 News Archive - Holidays - Virginia praised for food and wine tourism

23 02 2007

Popular holiday destination Virginia has added a new string to its bow with recognition for the quality of its food and wine.

The Travel Industry Association (TIA) has placed Virginia in eighth position for wine tourism and 15th for food-related travel, after a major new study into this emerging trend.

Virginia has nearly 120 wineries and it is America's fifth biggest region for wine production. The state even has a designated wine month - in October each year - allowing locals and tourists to take part in special events, wine tasting and tours.

"The beauty of the Virginia wine experience is its diversity," said Ann Heidig, president of the Virginia Wine Association. "Travelers can find excellent wineries in every region of the state, with award-winning varietals and tasting rooms where guests can savor the Virginia wine experience."

The state also produces a range of foodstuffs, all of which are proving popular with international food tourists.

"Virginia is uniquely positioned to capitalise on the increased appetite for food and wine travel," said Alisa Bailey, president and chief executive of the Virginia Tourism Corporation. "Our wineries and locally-owned restaurants are unique travel destinations in their own right and are gaining a national reputation for excellence."

For those interested in combining their culinary experiences with a spot of sunbathing, Virginia Beach is a short walk from a number of excellent seafood bars, as well as restaurants spanning the full price range.

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