2008 News Archive - Holidays - Whales 'will attract wildlife-loving winter sun seekers'

08 12 2008

Tourists who wish to wonder at the marvels of the natural world while enjoying a dose of winter sun are being encouraged to fly to Mexico this winter, where hundreds of grey whales will also be enjoying the tropical temperatures.

Wildlife Worldwide explains that as many as 500 grey whales make the annual journey each February from the west coast of Alaska nearly 6,000 miles south to Mexico's Magdelena Bay - the longest migration of any mammal.

The tour operator is encouraging UK tourists to make their own journey of nearly 6,000 miles to Magdelena bay where they can watch the majestic creatures "court, breed, give birth and simply frolic in the warm, calm waters."

Whale watchers lucky enough to be in Mexico for the event could be doing their own frolicking in the temperate waters of the Sea of Cortez, where a wide variety of marine species can be seen.

Earlier this month a Wildlife Worldwide spokesman highlighted the biological diversity of the area, saying "sightings of common and bottle-nosed dolphins, green turtles, thresher sharks, blue marlin and even whale sharks are all possible".

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