2008 News Archive - Holidays - Witch one will win?

26 11 2007

Of all the ways to mark the end of the Christmas season, a race involving lots of witches rowing boats may seem an incongruous one, but that is exactly how Ephiphany is marked every January 6th in Venice.

Having a boat race, of course, is anything but unusual in the watery city, but the Venice Witches Regatta features the crazy sight of dozens of men dressed up as cackling old hags while rowing furiously towards the prize, which is a stocking hanging from the Rialto bridge, just waiting to be plucked by the winner.

This extraordinary event can be viewed for free by visitors to this famous and romantic place, which offers a vast treasure trove of architecture and culture to enjoy.

Whether strolling in St Mark's square, punting down the Gran canal or enjoying the traditional Italian food, Venice offers an unforgettable experience - even before the wacky race.

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