2008 News Archive - Holidays - Women 'are happy to travel alone'

26 03 2008

A rising proportion of women are happy to travel overseas without fellow travelling companions, it has been reported.

According to responsibletravel.com, a number of female travellers are also opting for ethical travel as opposed to "mass tourism" - while solo travel can be "incredibly rewarding" for lone female holidaymakers.

In March, TravelMole reported that responsibletravel.com figures showed that women are "leading the way with green holidays".

"Women have become more confident to travel alone and this is great to see. And you don't have to be backpacking to be a solo traveller," Kristina Pentland, communications manager for responsibletravel.com, noted.

She added that people travelling on their own tend to be more approachable than those in a group meaning that it is easy to make friends while holidaying.

Female holidaymakers could meet people with a similar interest to them.

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