2008 News Archive - Holidays - Women "wear the trousers" when booking holidays

05 03 2008

In terms of holiday bookings, women are in charge, one commentator has asserted.

Figures from responsibletravel.com show that 67 per cent of holidays were booked by women during the course of last year, TravelMole reports.

And responsibletravel.com notes that this is representative of more than two-thirds of all its holidays during 2007.

Meanwhile, the research also showed that a growing number of women now have the confidence to travel alone.

A total 37 per cent of women were revealed to booked to go on holiday by themselves last year.

Justin Francis, co-founder of responsibletravel.com was quoted by TravelMole as saying: "It's long been recognised that women wear the trousers when it comes to holiday decisions but this shows a real concern to choose ethical travel over mass tourism."

Women and men travelling alone on holidays should make sure they take safety measures such as not travelling alone at night in unfamiliar areas.

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