2008 News Archive - Holidays - Zagreb film feast

06 09 2007

Zagreb will be the centre of culture in October as it is the proud host of its own film festival.

The Croatian capital will no doubt attract film buffs and culture fans looking for the chance to experience debut directors and creative film footage.

Happening between October 21st and 27th, the festival has previewed films from promising, young Croatian directors and has in the past organised huge open air parties with DJs and live acts.

The event certainly sounds like an unmissable occasion for tourists interested in the arts and lucky enough to experience this popular eastern European country in the autumn.

Awards handed out to the featured directors include recognition for the best feature film, the best short film and the best documentary.

A truly multicultural event, winners last year were from Israel, Columbia, Romania and Holland.

While in the country, it might be worth visiting the large crustacean collection in a Franciscan Monastery in Makarsa.

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