Travel Alerts - Advance Passenger Information (APIS) - Website Problems

03 03 2015

Thank you for taking the time to come here to provide your APIS information.  Unfortunately, we have a technical problem with this page that we are trying to fix.   This means that we can’t collect your information at this time. We won’t even suggest that you try again later.


We're really sorry for the inconvenience - we know that this glitch has caused a considerable amount of frustration.  If we can offer any reassurance it would be that you can provide this information when you check in at the airport and this will be accepted in line with the Government requirements.  It won't impact on your time as the details will simply be taken from your passport when you hand this in at the check-in desk. There is no charge to do this.


Please note – The only exception to this is if you are travelling to the United States.  You will need to let us have this as soon as possible,  so if you are going to Florida and are having problems adding your information, please email us on and use the subject "Florida APIS" and we’ll email you back. 


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