2008 News Archive - Hotels & Villas - Crete gains 'Brilliant' Gourmet Restaurant

12 03 2007

Visitors to the Greek island of Crete can now look forward to a stunning new culinary experience with the opening of the new Brilliant Gourmet Restaurant.

Situated on Epimenidou Street in Heraklion, Brilliant has been designed to satisfy all five senses, but the owners insist that the quality of the food will remain the primary focus.

On the other hand, a vast amount of time and effort has gone into ensuring the restaurant is aesthetically impressive, with a fulgent tile floor, a dynamic black bar, asymmetrical optical fibres and a rusted metal wall of ceramic tiles.

The art de table includes organdie runners, spherical candle-holders and goblet glasses, but diners will also observe the deliberately juxtaposed spherical luminaries hanging above.

Visitors to this chic new restaurant will also notice the pools of water built at both sides of the restaurant, complete with floating rose petals to bring a sense of serenity and composure.

The biggest urban centre in Crete, Heraklion is also the island's capital and it annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists keen to enjoy its cultural offerings. Heraklion is also a favourite choice among those seeking a vibrant nightlife, as well as shopaholics and sports enthusiasts.

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