2008 News Archive - Hotels & Villas - Lager louts 'biggest holiday annoyance'

04 01 2007

The presence of lager louts around popular holiday resorts is the most annoying thing that British holidaymakers have to contend with.

According to new research, 31 per cent of British travellers believe that lager louts are the most annoying part of the holiday experience.

Unsurprisingly, 26 per cent see towels on sunbeds as the biggest annoyance, proving that the age-old problem is very much alive and kicking.

For 20 per cent of respondents to the new survey, timeshare reps are the biggest aggravators, while 16 per cent are more infuriated by flight delays.

Proving that they really do get everywhere, mosquitoes have also made the list, with six per cent of respondents saying 'the mozzies' are the thing they dread the most.

A spokesperson for RealHolidayReports.com, which conducted the survey, said: "We were very surprised that the flight delays did not make top spot."

The spokesperson also proposed a solution to the enduring frustration of early birds staking their claim to a sunbed with strategically-placed towels.

"Why not allocate each room their own sun bed via a numbers system? The need to set your alarm at 5am in the morning to get up and reserve one would stop."

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