2008 News Archive - Hotels & Villas - Lanzarote "perfect all-year-round"

09 01 2007

Lanzarote, which was recently highlighted as one of Jet2.com's top holiday destinations for 2007, has been dubbed "perfect all-year-round".

Writing in the Daily Record, journalist, actor and broadcaster Beverly Lyons noted that a holiday in Lanzarote will literally provide a breath of fresh air, thanks to the refreshing breezes that that the island enjoys.

Ms Lyons was also keen to dispel the myth that Lanzarote is exclusively volcanic, despite the "vast desert scapes and volcanic rubble" observed on the journey from Arrecife Airport.

"But the imposing lunar landscape, albeit impressive, gives way to prettier paths lined with palm trees along the coastline," she said.

Ms Lyons also praised the building restrictions on the island, which have ensured that new projects have been modest in size and tasteful in design.

"It's perfect all-year-round and, with low price seasonal offers, a holiday here could cost little more than staying at home," she suggested.

The most easterly of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote is found just 70 kilometres from Africa and temperatures in August average at around 29 degrees Celsius. Visitors in January can expect temperatures in the region of 21 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for those who enjoy a stroll in the mid-afternoon heat.

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