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We hope you love MPlayer, our brand new inflight entertainment service...

What can I do on MPlayer?

The MPlayer app is free to download and you will be able to access great TV programmes, songs and movies all for a small charge of £3.99. There is also some great free content like bar & restaurant reviews.

How does it work?

If you would like to use MPlayer during your flight, make sure you download the app from the official Apple App Store or Google Play before you board the plane.

How MPlayer works in flight mode/ airplane mode?

Typically, most tablets will turn off Wi-Fi automatically when you enable ‘Flight Mode’. Therefore, passengers must turn on ‘Flight Mode’ to prevent cellular connections and then re-activate their Wi-Fi afterwards.

What device can I use?

MPlayer is available for iPad, iPhone, Kindle and Android devices.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback, please email or phone us.

Can I preview content before my flight?

Based on the feedback we've already received on our MPlayer App, we have now enabled the ability to preview the content you will be able to access on your flight. Simply download the app and browse! Currently, this is only available over a WiFi connection but will be made available to view via 3G/4G connections shortly.


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About MPlayer

MPlayer is the new onboard entertainment service, provided by Monarch on selected aircraft. To access the entertainment, you need to download our app called ‘MPlayer’ in advance of your flight.

The MPlayer app is free of charge, and is available for iPad, iPhone, Android or Kindle devices. You can can download MPlayer from the official Apple App Store or Google Play. It will also be available soon in the Amazon Appstore.

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How MPlayer works

Once the aircraft is airborne, cabin crew will switch on the onboard media server and make an announcement, allowing you:

1.    Switch on your device (which will already be in ‘airplane mode’) and enable Wi-Fi
2.    Connect your device to the onboard wireless network, called ‘Monarch’
3.    Open the MPlayer app on your device
4.    Follow instructions in the app to access the content – no password required!

There will be a range of free content available via MPlayer, and in addition, an exciting selection of films, TV and music can be unlocked on payment of £3.99. Once the fee is paid, you can access as much of the available ultimate content as you like, during the time it is available in-flight.

The payment gives you access to the media bundle for one flight only and a further payment must be made to access the media on your return flight.

Access to paid media ends when cabin crew switch off the onboard media server for landing and the media is not available via MPlayer after this point. The media is only available onboard, but not prior to take-off or after landing.

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MPlayer does not give customers Internet access

The MPlayer app connects to an onboard wireless (Wi-Fi) system which creates a network connection between the onboard media server and your personal device. It is this connection which allows you to download and view TV programmes on your device.

Unlike the Wi-Fi you have at home, the onboard system is only able to provide a connection between our server and your personal device. The system is not able to give you access the Internet. Therefore, you will not be able to access any online services once aircraft doors close (such as, but not limited to, Google, WhatsApp, Facebook, Facetime, Twitter or iMessage).

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Entertainment and other content available onboard

There will be a wide range of content available to access onboard via MPlayer. Some of the media is available free of charge, but you will need to pay a small fee to access other media.

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Free Media Bundle – available to any customer who has the MPlayer app on their device

•    truTV featuring shows from the World's Dumbest series
•    Music - from Kylie Minogue & David Bowie to the Frozen movie soundtrack
•    Magazines including Total Film, Health & Fitness, Creative Photography & more
•    Restaurant reviews for most Monarch scheduled destinations, powered by Trip Advisor

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TV Media Bundle - available for only £1.99 per flight

•    Includes everything in the Free Media Bundle PLUS...
•    Kids TV - BBC + CBBC and Cartoon Network including Gigglebiz, ZingZillas, Ben 10 and more
•    BBC comedy, dramas, documentaries and lifestyle programs

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Ultimate Media Bundle - available for only £3.99 per flight

Includes everything in the Free and TV bundles PLUS a selection of popular Hollywood films including Despicable Me, Johnny English Reborn, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, Adjustment Bureau and more

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Getting access to the TV & Ultimate Media Bundles

The ‘Media Bundle’ is our term for the entire range of premium audio and video content available onboard via MPlayer. You can access the TV content for a single fee per flight of £1.99 per device, per sector flight.  You can access the Ultimate content for a single fee per flight of £3.99 per device, per sector flight.

You can browse information about the content free of charge before you make your purchase. All users need to pay the Unlock Media fee to access the premium content.

Important note: The ‘Unlock Media’ payment gives access to the media bundle for one flight (sector) only and a further payment must be made to access the media on the return flight.

Access to paid media ends when cabin crew switch off the onboard media servers for landing. The media is not available for viewing or listening after this point, even if a user has not finished watching a TV programme or film.

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The Ultimate Media Bundle includes:

•    Free Media Bundle (truTV, music, magazines)
•    TV Bundle (BBC comedy, drama, documentaries & lifestyle)
•    Plus a selection of blockbuster Hollywood movies including kids and animated movies

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Future content updates and new features

We plan to refresh the content line-up every 2 to 3 months to ensure it’s interesting to the many different customers flying with us. We will also use customer feedback from post-flight questionnaires, Feefo and social media to tailor our content to your needs.

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Security of debit card and credit card information

Sharing debit and credit card information via MPlayer is extremely safe. We’ve worked hard to ensure the onboard system is entirely secure and ‘PCI Compliant’. PCI Compliance is what the payment card industry (ie Visa and Mastercard) require as a standard.

Media Bundle payments are processed in the background by Paypal, who have one of the world’s most sophisticated processing systems and fraud detection. It’s important to note that you don’t need a Paypal account yourself, just a UK-registered debit or credit card.

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Number of aircraft fitted with MPlayer servers

We now have media servers fitted on 5 aircraft operating across the Monarch scheduled network. Look out for updates over the winter period as we roll this out over more aircraft. The aircraft that currently have MPlayer available are:

•    G-ZBAF - featuring the new lightweight seats
•    G-ZBAJ
•    G-ZBAK - featuring the new lightweight seats
•    G-ZBAL - featuring the new lightweight seats
•    G-ZBAG - featuring the new lightweight seats

You will be emailed 24 hours before you fly to let you know that MPlayer is available on your flight.

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How to download the MPlayer app

The MPlayer app is free of charge, and is available for iPad, iPhone, Android & Kindle devices.

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Android devices

If you have a device using the Google Android operating system, you can download MPlayer from Google Play.

Search using ‘Monarch’, ‘MPlayer’ or ‘AeroFi’ to find the app on Google Play.  It should take about a minute to download the app with a 3G internet connection.

MPlayer will work on the most popular Android devices from the major consumer electronics manufacturers such as Samsung, LG and HTC, as well as Kindle Fire.

You should download MPlayer well in advance of your flight.

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Apple devices

You can download MPlayer from the official Apple App Store up until the point the doors of the aircraft close.

Android users should search using ‘Monarch’, ‘MPlayer’ or ‘AeroFi’ to find the app in the App Store.  It should take about a minute to download the app with a 3G internet connection.

The most popular Apple devices are iPad 2 or later, iPad Mini and iPhone 4 or later.

Please note: All of the Apple devices listed above must be running operating system iOS 7 or higher (and the best experience will be achieved with iOS 8).

Unfortunately we are unable to provide the MPlayer app to Apple users via our onboard server.

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Kindle devices

Customers can download the app from Amazon Appstore.

Search the Amazon Appstore using ‘Monarch’, ‘MPlayer’ or ‘AeroFi’ to find the app.  It should take about a minute to download the app with a 3G internet connection.

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Blackberry and laptop devices

We do not currently support access via laptops or Blackberrys.

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Problems getting connected to the onboard Wi-Fi network

We’ve carried out extensive testing to ensure that it is easy for you to connect to the onboard network. You don’t need a password to access MPlayer – you simply tap the app to open it on your device.

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Customers unable to access Google, Facebook or send emails

After conducting a lot of research, we made the decision to install an onboard network to provide onboard entertainment and content. The system offers you the same great user experience regardless of how many people connect to the system.

The system does not offer access to the Internet, which means access to online services such as social media, Google search and emails is not possible in-flight.

In order to provide in-flight internet access, we would need to install a satellite communication service. We know from discussions with satellite communications providers and from our own research of the airline market that it is difficult to provide a consistent quality of service using this technology. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to access the Internet onboard can do so at the same time and this creates frustration for those customers denied access. We want to provide the best service possible and this does not meet our high standards. We are constantly looking for the latest technology to improve your journey onboard, so watch this space!

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Use of your customer information – data protection

You provide your name and email address to log-in to MPlayer and access the paid Media Bundle. You can opt in or opt out of marketing emails from companies featured within the service (such as TripAdvisor). Monarch has a strict personal data usage policy which the onboard system complies with.

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Payment Issues

If there is a problem with your card payment onboard, Monarch will send you an email from Please click on the link provided and make payment as requested.

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Battery Life

Please ensure your smartphone, tablet or laptop is fully charged before boarding as electrical sockets are not available onboard Monarch aircraft.

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Complaints about MPlayer

If you are unhappy with your experience of MPlayer, we would welcome your feedback. All feedback will be taken seriously and used to make improvements to the app, the entertainment and other services provided.

Please contact customer services via phone or email.

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